Leonardo & El Diego Embroiled in Public Tiff

One of the greatest ever players – if not the greatest – Diego Maradona publically questioned the role of Paris Saint-Germain’s director of football Leonardo this week, which has quickly generated a response from the Brazilian.

In an interview on Canal Plus, the 1986 World Cup winner not only questioned Leo’s motives but also branded him a traitor for swapping his allegiance to Milan for Intenazionale when he became Nerazzurri Coach back in 2010.

“I don’t really understand Leonardo. I didn’t understand him when he moved from AC Milan to Inter, and I understand even less what he’s doing at PSG, whether he’s a player, a manager, an agent or an oil tycoon.” spouted the 51-year-old.

“I don’t understand. I don’t like people who stoop to flatter to get along – I don’t like one bit Leonardo’s position. Up to now we haven’t seen his approach in the game. You don’t do this type of thing, to move from AC Milan to Inter, it’s like going from Boca (Juniors) to River (Plate) – it’s traitorous. But traitors survive, and sign contracts with people who have lots of money like those who have have bought PSG. So in this case I’m the one who is wrong and Leonardo is right.”

Unsurprisingly, this triggered a response from Leonardo himself who played it cool, simply brushing it aside with what can be construed as a slight jibe.

Speaking to L’Equipe, he said; “He’s right. Personally, I don’t understand. But I’m happy that the second or third best player of all time behind Pele and Messi is speaking about me and about PSG. It’s great.”

Put the handbags away Gents please!

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