Jose Mourinho Or Pep Guardiola? Take Your Pick

Pep or Jose?

Intriguing reports from two reputable sources in France this morning. Following the defeat in Nice on Saturday, the pressure on Carlo Ancelotti seems to be getting intense. An inconsistent month has led to reports that QSI may be thinking of a change next summer. No surprise then that the two most notable coaches in the game are being touted to replace him.

According to Le Parisien, contact has been established between Les Parisiens and Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. According to the Paris based publication, this HAS not come after Saturday’s loss but prior to that. They want Mourinho! They identify the aura the man brings and a winning mentality that is second to none. The fact that he can speak good French is also appealing to them.

It is not the first time he has been courted by the club. After his sacking from Chelsea in 2007, the club offered him the job but he politely declined, taking over at Internazionale the following summer.

The other, is Josep Guardiola. The mastermind of Barcelona’s four year dominance in Europe. L’Equipe claims that the club want him to take over next summer. He was in Doha at the weekend, leading to the assumption that he was there to meet QSI officials. Ending his sabbatical early though will not happen and if any deal is to be reached, it will entail of him taking over at the end of the season.

Where does this leave Ancelotti? Well, he has had to deal with this sort of thing before and it will not faze him. Personally, I still believe he is the man for the job and the long term but QSI’s desire to lure the two aforementioned will ultimately go against him.


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  1. This is depressingly similar to last year at this time. I think either would succeed, but would prefer Guardiola as he seems more likely to build a longterm success and could better take advantage of the massive amount of young francilian talent at our disposal

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