New Identity For Paris Saint-Germain

Picture courtesy of Le Parisien

An article emerged in today’s Le Parisien about the club’s latest ploy in re-branding the football club, with the all important crest.

QSI are determined to make PSG one of Europe’s leading football brands and see the potential by altering its identity. The crest is one of sentiment to any club. We have had a number of alterations in the last four decades but the majority will agree that the latest revamp may need to be taken back to the drawing board.

The crest revealed by the Parisien newspaper is not a ‘finalised’ design, but it is very much under consideration of the hierarchy. The most notable change is the shade of blue which comes across as very Marseille like – something that will understandably be opposed by the supporters. The cradle has also been removed (signalising the birth of former king Louis XIV) and the Eiffel Tower has been made into a 3D model. Also, the founding year (1970), has been removed, which I certainly disapprove of for obvious reasons with ‘PARIS’ at the very top of the curvature.

In my opinion, the current crest only perhaps needed a very subtle change to it, but anything radical seems a little extreme.

Would love to know your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “New Identity For Paris Saint-Germain

  1. I agree with you. Leave the crest as is. If there is to be any subtle changes, the shade of Blue could be like Rangers or Schalke. Other than that leave it alone.

  2. Ditto. The crest is great as it is. If and only if the change is inevitable, I am reluctantly ok with the change except for the color. Dark Navy and Red are PSG’s color. No reason to get the Marseille color in the crest. That’s just stupid.

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