New Identity For Paris Saint-Germain As The Club Unveils Its New Crest

New PSG Crest



It has been in the works ever since last summer really and today the club finally unveiled the brand new club emblem which will be utilised from the beginning of next season.

There had been talk beforehand, a post which was on 1970 PSG, that the contrast of the blue was going to alter dramatically into something Marseille-esque. Thankfully, this has not been the case and the end product is subtle with some modern flair to it.

The striking aspect of the new crest is the font of ‘PARIS’ which is in big bold letters. QSI are under no illusions that the city’s global appeal can be taken full advantage of and they have clearly done this with the name so predominantly on view at the top of the sphere. On top of that, the cradle which marked the birth of King Louis XIV has been discarded and in place the fleur de lys emblem sits solely under the Eiffel Tower. Also, the founding year 1970 – which is something close to my heart due to name of the site – has made way with Saint-Germain taking its place at the bottom.

Its adaptation is symbolic of the new ‘PSG’ and the direction in which the club is going. Brash, modern and unique. In my opinion it has struck gold but there will be many of the Parisien faithful who would have preferred to keep the current crest.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi said; “The evolution of the Paris Saint-Germain logo marks an important stage in the implementing of our ambition, Namely making Paris Saint-Germain one of the world’s greatest sporting brands.”

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