Ezequiel Lavezzi Is A Fan Of ‘1970 PSG’

Ezequiel Lavezzi Is A 1970 PSG Fan

Sunday night was a special one for all affiliated with Paris Saint-Germain. The club ended a near two decade wait for a league title and the scenes that followed in Lyon were nothing short of spectacular. In the midst of all this and whilst digesting the news, I received an abundance of tweets from followers regarding something else rather than the title. Ezequiel Lavezzi – El Pocho – posted a picture to his Instagram minutes after the title was wrapped up in which he thanked the Parisien fans. The picture, low and behold, was the 1970 PSG logo in which he is the predominant figure.

1970 PSG Logo

1970 PSG Logo

To say I was made up would be an understatement. It made my Sunday night doubly special. Whether or not Ezequiel is an avid reader of 1970 PSG – wishful thinking – I am not quite sure but the fact that he has somehow come in to contact with my website leaves me with a real sense of pride. Paris Saint-Germain had just won the league title and one of our best players posts a picture of my site’s logo to express his emotion – I was delighted!

Perhaps El Pocho had read the piece I wrote on him a few months back lauding his return to the team after a sticky opening few months to his PSG career. Again, I am only speaking in jest of course as he cannot speak English but the site must have certainly caught his eye in some respect.

Ezequiel, if you here of this I would just like to say thank-you for making a 23-year-old Englishman very proud by posting the site’s logo with a message to the Parisien faithful.

Merci Pocho. 

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