ANNOUNCEMENT: 1970 PSG To Become Part Of The Brand New ‘Football Collective’ Network

ANNOUNCMENT: 1970 PSG To Become Part Of The Brand New ‘Football Collective’ Network

After months of planning, dialogue and endeavour, I am pleased to announce that 1970 PSG is now part of an exciting new football network called ‘Football Collective’.

This is going to be an innovative concept that will enhance 1970 PSG even more after three fantastic years since I established the site. You readers have made this journey an absolute pleasure so far and in joining ‘FC’ it is only going to continue in guiding the site along an already prosperous road. Now, be being a part of a brand new football network, it is going to deliver you guys an array of new content to enjoy as well as exciting new features to look forward to which will become apparent over the coming months.

The integrity and innocence of the site will be maintained – 100%. As my regular readers know, I deliver all the content on here myself – as well as welcoming guest writers to submit articles which I always encourage.  This will not change. The website is still independent and will continue to be.

It was three years ago, in the fall of 2011 I created 1970 PSG. I always had high hopes for the site. I believed that educating the English speaking public on Paris Saint-Germain, a club in its infancy at the time under the QSI regime, would be a fantastic project. It has exceeded my expectations and more. Now, this is another significant step that will take the website further afield which will not only benefit myself but – the most important people in all of this – you! The readers! Without your support, interaction, enthusiasm and kind hearted nature, none of this could have been possible.

I really am excited about this and so should you. You can find out more on Football Collective via the following links: 
Instagram: @fbcollectivecom

All will be revealed in due course. Stay tuned via Twitter and on site for updates over the coming weeks!

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