Lavezzi Wants Out Of PSG But Not Until The Summer Say Le Parisien

Lavezzi Wants Out But Not Until The Summer Say Le Parisien


Well these last 24-hours have been dominated by the absences of Edinson Cavani and Ezequiel Lavezzi from PSG’s winter training camp. The no-show from both has literally sent the Parisian media into a sense of hysteria.

The Cavani situation is still unclear. We still do not know the reasons for why he did not make the trip to Morocco. Lavezzi on the other hand looks to be transparent and the fact is there seems to be no plausible reason for why he did not show (especially with photos circulating across social media of him partying/relaxing in South America).

So, Le Parisien has gave some details this morning on Pocho’s situation:

The Parisian daily have said that Lavezzi does indeed want to leave but not until the summer. He has an annual salary of €4m and knows he will not match that at another club. PSG also has no interest in selling next month. One; the FFP sanctions that are in place would restrict us buying a suitable replacement (we need to sell in order to buy). Two; Inter want an initial loan deal but PSG are not interested. And three; PSG is aware that it will make a significant loss in the investment made in him. All in all, next summer Ezequiel Lavezzi will leave, but not now.

Still, if an offer was to arrive the club will no doubt consider. Laurent Blanc’s admission yesterday that the club will make a ‘sporting decision’ on their futures when they return to training on Friday certainly indicates that.

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