Serge Aurier: Does He Deserve Forgiveness Or A One-Way Ticket Out Of Paris?

Serge Aurier: Does He Deserve Forgiveness Or A One-Way Ticket Out Of Paris?


According to L’Equipe this morning, Serge Aurier will be sold in the summer after his derogatory comments were broadcasted on Periscope last week. Having been indefinitely suspended by the football club, there is no news yet on his actual punishment. Rumours are that he will be banished to the reserves for the remainder of the campaign and handed a hefty fine. It has caused debate though amongst those in France. Some believe what he did was unforgivable. Some believe he should be given another chance. So what do you think?

It is not the first time he’s been in trouble at the club. This time last year – ironically around the matches with Chelsea again – he was suspended by UEFA for posting a video where he used offensive language against referee Bjorn Kuipers. This was after the Dutcman sent off Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Aurier would come out and apologise by saying; “I beg the pardon of Mr Kuipers, his assistants and all match officials for my reaction after the match at Chelsea. My teammates and myself are working to reinforce the image of Paris and France in European football. This negative image is obviously not what we want to send out. My passion for football and my frustration at being injured for such a match led to my reaction, which had no place in football. The job of the referees is not easy and I am sorry”. As a result, UEFA handed him a three game ban and missed the quarter-final matches against Barcelona as well as the first European game of this season.

So social media cock-ups are not alien to the Ivorian. And he clearly did not learn his lesson after the insulting comments aimed at Laurent Blanc and his teammates on Periscope last weekend.

The likes of Didier Drogba, Jose Anigo, and even Yannick Noah from the world of tennis have all said that he deserves forgiveness; everyone makes mistakes they remonstrate.

So that begs the question, does he? Clearly the club doesn’t think so and you have to look at it with no stone unturned. How on earth could he ever play for Laurent Blanc again? The trust and respect has evaporated beyond return.

Serge Aurier’s short tenure in Paris looks to be over. And it could have been fantastic!


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