Hold Your Horses Zlatan! What About These Guys?

Hold your Horses Zlatan! What About These Guys?


We all love Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is an absolute God in the eyes of all of Paris Saint-Germain’s supporters. Not only is he invincible on the pitch (we like to think and so does he) but he also has his quirky little ways that make him a cult hero in general for neutrals of the game.

Ibra was speaking in yesterday’s pre-match presser ahead of the game with Chelsea tonight and came out with a statement that may not go down too well with the older generation who support Les Parisiens.

Zlatan would say; “The project was launched three years ago. With all due respect for what went before at PSG, I think the club was born the day the Qataris arrived.”

It is easy to blow his words out of context. There was certainly no disrespected meant by Ibra’s words. To me, it seemed as if he was speaking about PSG as a club that is these days renown around the world. That was not really the case prior to 2011 (when the Qataris actually arrived).

Nevertheless, let’s remind the big man of some of the greats who have adorned the red and blue. Not forgetting that team from the heady days of the mid-90’s, which is perceived by many PSG supporters to be greater than the modern day one.

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